Summer of Lisi — Week #1

With Annie and Judah in camp full time, it’s just me and Lisi. It’s been over 2.5 years since I’ve had just one kid at home.  When it was just Annie I was still learning a ton — I was new to mommying and just figuring out the how to navigate the city with a child. And when I finally got the hang of it, along came Judah. I was always wearing one and pushing a stroller or using a double stroller — not exactly subway friendly. Then came Lisi. I wore Lisi a ton and would usually have Judah in the stroller and Annie riding on the boogie board, or maybe I’d bring the double and Annie would ride. I became more and more reliant on elevator stations, and there was no chance I’d ever take a bus. Now, navigating the city with one 17 pound child is pretty awesome.

It would be very easy to sit on the couch watching TV all day eating brie cheese and lychee nuts, but I can’t. I’m too antsy and I like to get out, plus Lisi is at the age where she’s discovering mischief: like, Hey, is that a pile of freshly cleaned laundry? I should really sit on it just as my diaper is about to explode! or Oooooh a box of baking soda. I wonder what that would look like on the floor? or Is that the chocolate milk Judah didn’t finish a week ago? Let me drink it and throw up on that pile of clean laundry I just soiled! Point is, it’s a lot easier for me to stay out all day and binge on brie and watch Honey Boo Boo after everyone is sleeping.

Anyway, here are some highlights of our week together!

Doctor’s office

One year checkup @ 11:30
I arrived at 11:29 and the receptionist tells me I’m more than 20 minutes late so my appointment is canceled.
Um, you got it all wrong, I’m actually a minute early.
Your appointment was actually at 11.
(I quickly search my emails as we reschedule)

Trader Joe’s

It was fairly crowded, and Lisi was flirting with an elderly woman.

Elderly woman: Aw, he’s such a cutie!
Me: Thanks! It’s a girl…..
Elderly woman: Oh, I just assumed based on the outfit.
Me: I dunno, that’s pretty girly.
Everyone else in the elevator: Yeah, that’s pretty girly!


This actually wasn’t the first this happened and don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the compliment. She’s pretty cute.

 The Zoo

Feeling a little impulsive I joined the zoo. Not like becoming an attraction at the zoo, more like got a membership. I splurged on the kind that lets you bring a guest so if anyone wants to come with, let me know!

Ok, let me be honest. I’m not totally a zoo person. I went to the zoo because I heard there was a Dippin Dots there. I found the stand outside the zoo but they only had banana and birthday cake. They told me there was another stand inside the zoo but I’d have to get a ticket. So I joined.

Sad part was that inside they only had banana so I eventually settled for a snow cone. Lisi got jealous.

20140703-234943-85783083.jpg 20140703-235342-86022122.jpg

We did check out the penguins. I think she thoroughly enjoyed it.


I mean, how can I not?

20140703-235343-86023806.jpg 20140703-235341-86021184.jpg

She has plenty to learn but there are still 6 more weeks! Happy summer!



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