Have you seen this Always ad yet? I cried. I don’t know why — I’m not a raging feminist or anything.  I first saw this on mommyshorts, quite possibly the most hilarious mommy blogger out there. This was followed by a hashtagging trend of tagging girls doing something awesome to get rid of the stigma that girls are weak and tagging it #likeagirl. I’ve seen some good ones. Now there’s one for the boys, tagging them doing something totally girly. Um, I can relate.

20140703-200605-72365489.jpg       20140703-160258-57778099.jpg

My question is: how about old people? There have been times that I’ve had hour long conversations with friends about our doctors and various ailments and then we’ll be like OMG, we sound like such old ladies. Well, why does it have to be like that? Perhaps the folks over at Depends can come up with a similar ad campaign?  I challenge everyone to tag pictures #likeanoldlady. I’d like to see pictures of old ladies doing awesome things. Perhaps skydiving? Skinnydipping? Something crazy, not old ladyish.

Ok, on second thought, that would probably never work. It would actually be quite dangerous. Please don’t ask your grandma to pose on a zip line so you can hashtag her. Here’s a picture of my fabulous, vibrant grandma doing exactly what grandmas do.

She’s kind of the best. Last week Annie introduced her to the selfie.


On second thought, forget about #likeanoldlady.  I’m thinking #loveanoldlady instead — we sure do!

One thought on “#likeanoldlady

  1. Jill says:

    Great job Alison Cohen! For those who do not know…. that is my awesome mama and my beautiful niece. Love you so much! btw also for those who do not know… my niece Al is an awesome blogger. Lots of fun to read..

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