More Boobs

Did you know that this week is World Breastfeeding Week? Is it marked down on your calendar? No? That’s ok, it’s not on my non-existant calendar either. I only know about it because I’ve been getting lots of coupons from companies that sell nursing gear (I’m not holding out on you, the best coupon was like 10% off a purchase, lame). Even though Lisi is my 3rd, I’m still new to all this breastfeeding fun. As I mentioned a few months ago in Boobs, I only nursed Judah for 3 months so I didn’t really have high hopes for nursing Lisi much longer than that — and here we are. I’m also amazed at how much money I’ve saved!


She refuses to do bottles, sippy cups and even kiddy straws. It must be a grown up straw and she loves Coffee Bean!

A friend of mine recently started a blog where she posts pictures of herself nursing EVERYWHERE.  It’s pretty cool, check out Crunchy Mama in the City, it’s really fun! And boys, don’t get too excited, there aren’t any nip-slips!

Happy Breastfeeding Week!

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