Summer of Lisi — Week #3

Here’s the thing: this week wasn’t particularly exciting.  I knew it was going to be a little rainy and I had a bunch of errands to run. And I’d fallen behind on laundry and Real Housewives. I also didn’t care to go out of my way to go on an excursion just so I’d have something to write about.

I did try to pimp out my lame plans but it still wasn’t anything crazy. If you want to read more about my dull week, carry on. If not? We’re still cool, I promise!

Walk through Central Park

I had to cross the Park to get to the Upper East Side. I don’t usually cross at 86th street since I tend to get lost, but I managed to do it the week before so I was feeling good. I also stopped in Le Churro. I love that place! I just discovered the pizza churro (a churro with cheese and sauce) and the children love it.

20140720-203120-73880777.jpg 20140720-202628-73588302.jpg

Chelsea Market

I had to do some returns at Anthropologie so I went to the one in Chelsea Market. As I left I smelled a wonderful aroma from the bakery next door. There was a lady giving out free samples of these heavenly butterscotch cookies. I went in since I’ve never been inside and…. Wait for it….. All of the packaged baked goods were kosher! Best news ever, right? Their specialty is those pretty frosted cookies, you know, the ones with the hard frosting that you lick off because the actual cookie isn’t really spectacular? They also have plain white ones that you can decorate with markers (all edible). I will definitely be bringing Annie and Judah here on a rainy day. Or the next time I drag them to Anthropologie. There’s something for everyone!

Bryant Park

I grabbed pizza from Bravo for lunch. I love their pizza but the store is so chlostriphobic, especially during lunch time with a stroller, so we met Craig over at Bryant Park. The have a little kids’ area with cute little chairs and plenty of books, a game area for grown ups, a carousel and a Talenti stand. I’m still mad at myself for not stopping at the stand. Talenti stand, we’ll be back, and be sure to save us plenty of napkins!

20140720-202630-73590192.jpg 20140720-202629-73589209.jpg

Flatbush, Brooklyn

Every now and then I head over to Brooklyn to buy meat and other kosher products that I wouldn’t necessarily find in the City. Exhilarating, right?

20140720-202632-73592020.jpg 20140720-202631-73591047.jpg

So yeah, that sums up my week with Lisi! Here’s hoping for an exciting week #4!


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