Lisi is 1

You know how people say “labor really hurts but then you forget about it”? Yeah, not so much. I still get flashbacks every time I’m on the FDR (which luckily isn’t often but still), and my ovaries kind of hurt every time I think about it. That said, Lisi has been a fabulous baby and totally worth the pain. Am I scaring anybody? Totally not my intention. In case you missed Lisi’s birth story, check it out when you get a moment. The whole experience was pretty life changing and has turned me more hippie than I ever thought I’d be. Not saying I’d ever home birth or grow out my armpit hair, but who knows?

Remember how I turned 30 this week? Crazy, right? So far so good. I mean, it feels exactly like 29. Maybe it’ll sink in the next time I fill out a questionnaire and instead of checking the 25-29 box, I’ll be checking 30-35. No big deal. Over the last few months I’ve had many conversations at the playground about 30 and realized that most of the moms I hang out with are in their 30s and beyond — and they’re still cool. So I’m really feeling good about this. I’m totally ready.

Since Lisi’s birthday is only 3 days after mine, I admit that it’s been pushed on the back burner. I was thinking of just not doing anything and then writing her a note that says something like: Hey sweetie! Since I barely acknowledged your first birthday I owe you one. This coupon is redeemable for one treat whenever you want. Kisses! But I vetoed it and made some cupcakes.

After Lisi was born I started an album on my phone called “A Lisi a Day” which was really just a picture of her everyday. I was going to make a photo book or something out of it but then I got a new phone, the album disappeared and I forgot about it.  I will not bore you with 365 pictures of Lisi but here are some highlights of her first year!

IMG_1681 IMG_1752 IMG_2348 IMG_2958 IMG_3196 IMG_3460 IMG_1449 IMG_2642 IMG_2955 IMG_3889 IMG_3905 Back CameraIMG_4249 IMG_4431 IMG_490820140627-001830-1110438.jpg20140627-001832-1112309.jpg20140627-001835-1115098.jpg20140627-001833-1113333.jpg20140627-001831-1111406.jpg


Okay, so one of those are Annie.

Final thoughts:

-Avoid the FDR drive whenever humanly possible.

-30 is awesome.

-I will owe Lisi a treat at some point in the future when she realizes her 1st birthday cupcakes were a complete afterthought.

-Happy Birthday Greasy Lisi! (Note: must come up with a better nickname by the time she’s 2)



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